Joint Formative Evaluation of the Education Sector in Kazakhstan with the focus on Inclusivity

Talking about child-family separation in Bulgaria. Exploratory research and recommendations.

Assessment of alternative forms of care and family support services for children with disabilities for UNICEF North Macedonia

Regional Baseline Study to Map out Child Protection Practices and Related Workforce Needs in South East Europe for a Child Protection Hub project

Evaluation of the Bulgarian National Strategy for Children (Report in Bulgarian)

Deinstitutionalization Case Bulgaria 1  (Report in Bulgarian)

Deinstitutionalisation Case Bulgaria 2 (Report in Bulgarian)

Evaluation of the training program for continuous professional development of social protection staff in North Macedonia

Assessment of the extent of school bullying and violence, assessment of the needs for violence prevention, and of the efficiency of the interventions, SAPI

Report for SOS Children’s villages Bulgaria ‘From the system of care to independence: support for young people, leaving care in Bulgaria’ (Report in Bulgarian)

Monitoring and evaluation of the regional and municipal policies in the field of social services on the territory of Vidin region (Report in Bulgarian)

Report for the Association ‘Parents’ ‘Models of interaction between the educational system and parents of children with special educational needs who study in Centred for special educational support’ (Report in Bulgarian)

‘Research on nurturing care policies for children up to 3 years old in Bulgaria, EU and other countries’ Part I (Report in Bulgarian)

Report on ‘Research findings Part II: Collection of key worldwide research articles that demonstrate effectiveness of policy solutions in the area early child health and development (0-3)’….pdf

A study on the ‘Impact of social services on local development’, EASPD

Collection and analysis of data on policies, programmes and services for supporting early childhood development in Bulgaria on the European advocacy campaign on early childhood development ‘First years – first priority’ (Report in Bulgarian) 

Evaluation of UNICEF Ukraine’s Support to the Education Sector